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What is Brand Story?


Brand Story is storytelling

It’s a way to describe your Company, Products or Services, using the power of storytelling to connect with your customers at some emotional level.

People are wired for “story” (see here).That’s why we read books, watch movies.  We become emotionally attached to the characters, the heroes of the story.  We become intrigued, worried, sad, hopeful, and inspired.  They are all emotions that we connect with, because we are sentient human beings.

When you tell your Brand Story, you are attempting to connect with your customers in the same way.

“Storytelling is a powerful technique for building relationships. It’s an age-old concept that brings people together and keeps them engaged.”


Quicksprout | Lars Lofgren

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story


Brand Story builds trust

A Brand Story is not marketing.  It’s an honest account of events that you or your customers have experienced. Every company I’ve encountered has a story to tell; compelling, inspiring and genuine.   Even products have their own wonderful stories. And they are all guaranteed to be unique, because it’s “your” story.

And when it’s believable, you can begin to build trust, and trust is the first step in establishing relationship, which kick starts real opportunities.


What is the “Brand” in Brand Story?

First you need to understand what brand is (see here).

Brand is all about emotions, the feelings that are evoked when someone uses your product, sees your logo or gets a call from your employee.  They may feel “confidence”, “reliability”, or “cooperation”.

In a compelling story, you are empowering those words and giving them substance.   In fact, in a brand story, you don’t even have to mention them – the audience will feel those words naturally through the narrative of storytelling.


Brand Story puts customer (audience) first.

Your audience is important. You have to know who they are, as well as what their aspirations are. You are solving their problem, filling a void in their lives, and a brand story needs to be sensitive to this. And when your customer reads your story, they will know you identify with them and that you are here to help.


How do you construct a Brand Story?

A “story” simply has a beginning, middle and end. 

The “beginning”  will introduce the hero (e.g. your company, product or your customer), and will also introduce the quest to solve a problem, overcome an obstacle, or reach a goal (i.e. filling a customer need).

The “middle”develops the hero character and begins to take them through the journey (e.g. building factories, developing a product and all the challenges and hard work therein) that will lead to the achievement of their goals. 

The “ending” will finally see the hero achieve the goal (customer satisfaction through a great product).


Brand Story works and for almost anything

Brand Story is a powerful tool for communicating your Brand message.  And it’s important to deliver a consistent brand message throughout the entirety of your company.

You can apply Brand Story concepts to almost anything; videos, catalogues, direct mail advertising, exhibitions.

You just need to focus on the audience, have a beginning, middle and end.

You can even find story in a single picture if you look closely enough.

After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.