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What is a Product Video?

It is simply a video introducing your product.
But of course, it’s not all that simple.

What’s wrong with

Traditional Product Videos ?

A traditional product-centric video will get busy promoting features or comparing the product to sub quality competitors – we are the faster, lower priced, with the best customer service.  It will engage in rhetoric, promotional gimmicks or even downright manipulation.  But consumers are “smarting-up” and quite frankly are becoming wary of such tactics.  Over 75% of the marketing emails are ignored and over 99.5% of banner ads don’t get clicked. (see here)

Using Brand Story for Product Videos

We use the concept of Brand Story to make product videos.   So you may ask, how can you tell a “story” when trying to sell a product?  First, “Story” simply means that there is a beginning, middle and end.

For a Product Video it’s like this:

Explain what void or problem your customer or audience yearns to resolve.

Explain how you came about developing a product – the startup, hard work, challenges.

Explain how your product resolves audience problems and makes a difference in their lives.

People connect with storytelling in the same way we read books or watch movies. We are intrigued by the prospects (beginning), curious about the development (middle) and hopeful of the outcome.

Brand Story
Product Videos – They work!

This way of marketing your products is not new.  Brand Story marketing has been around and used by big marketing firms and conglomerates like Apple and Coca-cola.  It’s not actually marketing, it’s genuine, honest, no-nonsense storytelling that showcases the real “brand” awareness in your product.   It engages the audience with emotional, captivating story that they relate to because you show that you identify with the customer with products that will improve their lives.

And isn’t that what we all want in products we purchase?