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Other types of
Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos depends on Audience and Goals

Other than IPO Corporate Videos (see here) , there are other types of Corporate Videos.  They differ because of the audience, who can be consumers, distributors/agents, or even other collaborating companies.

What does your
audience want to know?

An audience for a Company Video may be quite diverse – these may include agents, collaborating companies (their products may be used with your products), or even the end user (consumers) of your products.

  • An agent may want to understand the channels, logistics and marketing support that your company provides.
  • A collaborating company may want to understand the technical details of your product or services as it pertains to their own business.
  • A consumer simply wants to know how your product is going to make a difference in their lives.

How to make a great Corporate Video?

A Brand Story video focuses on the audience.  And since every type of audience has different informational needs, it doesn’t make sense to make a one-size-fit-all video with mixed messages that only ends up alienating everyone.  And this might mean that you create different videos for different audiences.  However, the steps you need to build the video is generally the same for each.

  1. In a brand story, you focus on the audience by introducing their concerns, needs or problems.. This will immediately engage the audience with intrigue and a sense of curiosity.
  2. You then introduce your company and this may include the journey the company has taken to become what it is; the mission, the challenges it has faced, and the development of the brand character (e.g. innovative, honest, caring, cooperative). If item #1 is important to the audience, they will be curious about how the story will unfold.
  3. Finally, address how the company makes a difference for the audience. It might be a highly evolved channel network for agents, sophisticated APIs (Application Program Interface) for collaborating companies, or a time-saving invention for consumers.

Brand Story – it’s personal man!

By focusing on your audience, you are personalizing the video for them,  captivating them, giving them hope and allowing them to wonder how things can be different in their lives.  It’s Brand Story.  High profile companies like Apple, Coca-Cola, Disney have used this method for years..  Why?  Because it works.